cann't run stored_proc on a transfered DB 
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 cann't run stored_proc on a transfered DB

I have a DB on SQL Server 6.5 that is running for some time
I have a web application that works with this DB
I transfered the DB "MyDB" to "MyDB2" and registered it
in the system DSN on my server
I chnged the DSN name in the code.
and that's what's happening I can access the DB but i cann't access
the stored_procs or the tables from my web application
even though i can see the table content using the query tool
and I can see the storedprocs when double clicking them
any one has any idea why the web application cann't see the
transfered DB content even though it can access the DB.

I will appriciate any reply ! or reference.


Shahar Shocron
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
3a Jabotinsky St., Diamond Tower
Ramat Gan 52520,  Israel


Mon, 18 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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