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 schema.ini - linked server help

I am running SQL 7 on one server and wish to set up a file on another server as
a linked server.  The file(viewable within wordpad/notepad) should be able to
be accessed via the select * from openquery(linkedserver, "query") syntax...
However, when I create the schema.ini file and place it in the same folder as
the file that I wish to link, run the sp_addlinkedserver and
sp_addlinkedsvrlogin stored procedures, the file does not show up.  I create an
identical file in the same folder with a .txt extension and update the
schema.ini file, and the .txt file shows up as a table in my linked server.  

Most likely cause -- the file that i am interested in does not have an
extension, just a name --> notif_cch.  the schema.ini file requires the file
name within the [ ] , however it appears that it requires a name + an extension
..  Is this correct?  The file is accessed by a third party software program,
so I am not a liberty to make any changes to the file name.

Any suggestions?

Wed, 02 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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