Can't Get Maintanence Plan (Backup) to run.. 
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 Can't Get Maintanence Plan (Backup) to run..

Hi all.
I have 3 different NT4 servers running the usual.. SP4, SQL7 Standard, IIS4

I'm getting 3 different results while tryin to run backups via maintainence
plans and it's driving me nuts....
All maintainence plans (MP's hereafter) have exactly the same options

Machine 1 & 2 run the SQL agent in the admin account, and SQL in the system
(service) account..
I've tried every combination of running the service in and out of the system
vs. admin accounts w/ no luck..

Machine 1
    MPs run perfect.  every night, the backups (1 dir. per db) run great.
It's set to delete backups older than 1 wek.  It does. I'm happy.

Machine 2
    MPs run every night, backups (1 dir per db) is created.  It's is also
set to delete backups older than 1 week..  It refuses to delete these, and
the old backups pile up...  :-(

Machine 3
    MP's will not run at all.  This install was the desktop version (MS
packed the wrong CD).  Got replacement CD, upgraded to Standard
version...still won't run MPs at all...these MP's are set to log
history..and nothing show up in history or the SQl error logs about failure
of any kinda...

All these installs were done on top of a clean NT4, IIS4 install..I've NEVER
touched any NTFS permissions for the \mssql7\ directory....

Help!!!!! I'm going insane w/ this...

Mon, 17 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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