BLOBs & ISequentialStream 
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 BLOBs & ISequentialStream

I'm trying to understand the implications on persisting BLOBs into a SQL
Server 7.0 database and reading through the MSDN I came across this topic:

"BLOBs and OLE Objects"    which says:

"SQLOLEDB can support only a single open storage object. Attempts to open
more than one storage object (attempts to get a reference on more than one
ISequentialStream interface pointer) return DBSTATUS_E_CANTCREATE".

I don't know how to interpret this. In what context has the open storage
object be single - connection, process, provider's process, database?
Say I have two MTS objects which require access to same column (type image)
in two different rows (two different connections via OLE DB), first one
aqquires the ISequentialStream interface and starts using it and the second
one tries to aqquire another ISequentialStream for the same column on a
different row. What's going to happen? Are the two objects allowed to
_concurently_ access the ISequentialStream interfaces?
Is there anything specific to Microsoft's Oracle OLE DB Provider in this

Thanks to everybody who can clarify this.

Wed, 24 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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