mssql 6.5 - restore to fresh server 
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 mssql 6.5 - restore to fresh server
Hi all,

I have been working with 2000 a bit, and now I am helping someone with a 6.5 server.

How do I restore a backup to a fresh server?   It wants me to pick a destination database.  do I have to create an empty one first?

Also, can I restore it to Mssql 2000?  when I try using EM, I get "Error 3242: The file on device c:\temp\snet.dat is not a valid MS
Tape Format backup set.  RETORE HEADERONLY is terminating abnormally."

Carl Karsten


Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:08:56 GMT
 mssql 6.5 - restore to fresh server


With 6.5 the database has to exist and it has to have been
built in exactly the same way.

What you need is the output from sp_help_revdatabase. Run
that against the 6.5 database and you will get an output
script that you can use to build an empty database ready
for the restore.



Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:52:23 GMT
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