((Current Date - Start Date)/(End Date - Start Date))*Contract Amt 
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 ((Current Date - Start Date)/(End Date - Start Date))*Contract Amt

We have a cube consisting of a fact table with a measure of Contract Amt ($)
plus some other accounting numbers related to projects and a couple of
dimensions (actually more but that should be enough information for this
question) - Time and Projects with a project number as a key.

We are trying to create the following calculated member:

((Current Date - Start Date)/(End Date - Start Date))*Contract Amt


  a.. Current Date is a member of Time dimension (either default or
explicitly created)
  b.. Start and End Dates are properties of a project number (should they be
defined as custom properties or some other way?)

What is the correct syntax for this calculation?

Can it be a member of measures dimension?

Thanks much for any helpJ

Alex Pitko

Fri, 09 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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