DTS Import, German Umlaut, ignor some characters 
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 DTS Import, German Umlaut, ignor some characters

Hi folks,

I have to import some tables from a dBase environment. One source table have
a "memo" field (long text field). This field will be converted to a "text"
field in sql server.

so far so good ...

1) The german umlaut signs are shown wrong in the sql server (they are
represented as wrong characters ...) Where can I define the correct language
code for this case (the other normal varchar fields are shown correct) ?

2) In the source data field there are some special chatacters for line
spacing in the source application (like ....). Is it possible to
eliminate this characters during the DTS import ?

thanks a lot in advance for helping !

Helmut Nachbauer

Tue, 09 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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