Database properties settings changed back to default settings and I don't know why 
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 Database properties settings changed back to default settings and I don't know why

I'm am green sql dba.  I barely know how to write any t-sql.  But I do
know that I set the properties on my user database to limit the size
of its growth of both the data and log files.

Then to my suprise I found that all these settings had changed on all
4 test servers and 2 clustered production servers.

The only thing that I've done is set up some jobs for trans and full
backups, autoshrink the database, update statistics, etc.  I also set
up myself as an operator and activated sql mail (well, at least on one
server I can't seem to get sql mail working on the other servers.  I
only get netsends if there is a problem, but I would like to get an
email everytime there is a successful transactional, full backup,

Would setting up these jobs change the database settings from limiting
the growth of the database to having no limits.  Perhaps when I set a
schedule to autoshrink the database this implies to the database that
since the database will be shrunk on a schedule that it no longer
needs to limit the size of the data and log files?

Sun, 30 May 2004 05:17:07 GMT
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