How to know when using AddSubscription method ?? 
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 How to know when using AddSubscription method ??

Hi everybody,
I tried to use RDA and MergeReplication and it works.
I have a doubt I can't delete reading the documentation.
I understood I have to use the AddSubscription method to create the
subscrition. In fact, the first time all what concern the first snapshot
generated will be downloaded.
When the subcription is already created I have to use the Initialize method
to get synchronization. Right ??
Every W/CE user has his subscriber option (as unique identifier) and
everyone uses the same pubblication through one subscription.
How can I know if the subscription already exist or not ???
Do I use Initialize method and check the eventual error 'initialize failed
(28517)' to realise what I need ??
Thanks in advance !

Sat, 28 Feb 2004 18:19:44 GMT
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