DTS import/export - error when saving package as a visual basic file 
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 DTS import/export - error when saving package as a visual basic file

Hi All, I think, I found an error in DTS import/export wizards. In MS SQL server 2000 (developer edition)
SP 3
I am able to get invalid visual basic file generated by this wizard. All you need to do it is to have tables
with quite a lot of columns - you can use this script to generate two such tables
(one source table, one destination table):



Now right click the TEST_TABLE_SRC in the Enterprise Manager select the All Tasks->Export Data
option, click next,
 select the same database as a target database, click next, leave the option Copy table(s)... active,
click next select the check box by the TEST_TABLE_SRC table, select the TEST_TABLE_DEST as a
destination table,
click next, uncheck run immediately, check Save DTS package, choose Visual Basic File, finish the
Now open the newly created file and find "oCustomTask1.SourceSQLStatement" statement - there is
bug in splitting this SourceSQLStatement string into more than one line when it is too long,
there is something like

statement="select ..."
statement="select ..."statement=statement&"...."
statement="select ..."statement=statement&"...."statement=statement&"...."

Mon, 03 Jul 2006 16:28:57 GMT
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