SQL server 2000 and MS Proxy Server 2.0 
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 SQL server 2000 and MS Proxy Server 2.0


  I have a SQL server 2000 installed behind a
MS Proxy server 2.0.  I would like to access
the SQL server from an application which is not
on the intranet.  I have done this in the past
with SQL server 6.5 and 7.0 but with 2000 it
just doesn't work.

  For SQL 7 I had created a WSPCFG.INI file with
all the informations required and modified the
registry sor the the MSSQLSERVR service depended
on NTLMSSP service and it worked.

  After reading what is available on this subject
on the internet it seems that I have to open
UDP port 1434 on the proxy which I did but it still
doesn't work.

  Would anyone have detailed instructions on how
to configure SQL server and Proxy server so that
it can work.



Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:42:09 GMT
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