Combining multiple rows into one column 
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 Combining multiple rows into one column

I need help with the problem of combining or concatinating data from
multiple rows into one column for asp web report;

Senario; ASP & SQL SERVER 2K - 3 tables: [staff], [teams],
[staff_teams].([staff_teams] is a many-to-many relationship containing
keys staff_id and team_id)

I need to create a staff list from these tables. My issue is that I
get a row returned for every team a staff is in. I need all of a
staff's team(s) to be in one column on the same row. UUuuhhg!

Example Current Format:

staff_id |   name   |   team   |  phone |  title
   1         joe        blue     555     Mgr
   1         joe        red      555     Mgr
   2         jane       blue     444     Tech
   3         jeri       blue     333     Tech
   3         jeri       green    333     Tech

Example desired format;

staff_id |   name   | team      | phone | title
   1         joe      blue,red    555     Mgr
   2         jane     blue        444     Tech
   3         jeri     blue,green  333     Tech

Below is the current SQL query, it also does a LEFT OUTER JOIN to get
the staff who are not a member of any team:

SELECT staff.staff_id, staff.first_name, staff.title,
FROM staff
LEFT OUTER JOIN staff_teams ON staff.staff_id = staff_teams.staff_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN teams ON staff_teams.team_id = teams.team_id
WHERE (staff.first_name LIKE 'form_var_here %') AND (staff.last_name
LIKE 'form var_here %')

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 02:40:28 GMT
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