MS SQL Server 7 / ODBC / DB-Library Backwards Compatibility Questioned / DBCONNECT 
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 MS SQL Server 7 / ODBC / DB-Library Backwards Compatibility Questioned / DBCONNECT

We have found that ODBC DBCONNECTs via FoxPro for Macintosh and FoxPro for
Windows v2.6a are firing off spid's on the MS SQL Server 7, BUT the newly
created connection is NOT acknowledged by the client.

On the Mac-end, the ODBC driver returned an error with status "Changed
database context to <datasource>", but this is NOT really an error --- the
MS SQL Server 7 is just changing the database status from "no database
context" to "<datasource>".

SQL Server 6.5 worked fine with DBCONNECT with ODBC on both Mac and Windows
versions of 16-bit FoxPro 2.6a, but version 7 seems to have broken it.  This
is not a backwards compatible upgrade from our development standpoint.

Question: Is there anyway to turn off certain SQL Server 7 status messages
like the one described above, and/or is there a way to force database
context to default to a given datasource first without having to "change
database context" for a user from "no database context" ?

T.J. Roberts

Sun, 02 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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