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 Eror 8144

I'm getting an error when I try to initialize a merge replication scenario. I create the publisher, distributor, and publications just fine. I then highlight the publication, choose "PUSH NEW SUBSCRIPTION" and complete the necessary info.

The snapshot completes successfully but I get an error from the Merge Agent:
The merge process could not enumerate schema information at the Subscriber.

Here's the full error:
Too many arguments were supplied for procedure sp_MSenumschemachange.

When I ran SQL Profiler, here's what's being sent to the server:
sp_MSenumschemachange 0x23984464949828560, 0, 7000200

I know the first parameter is the unique identifier of the publication, the second is the schema version, but what is the third parameter, and why is it getting passed in the first place???

This happens whether I initialize the schema and data at the subscriber or not. I checked the fix list for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 and couldn't find anything like this in there.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Anthony Robinson

Tue, 09 Dec 2003 05:12:12 GMT
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