Me.Recordset, bound checkbox, Access 2002 crash 
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 Me.Recordset, bound checkbox, Access 2002 crash

Hi Support,

I too have just came across the bug mentioned below in other posts
several months ago. I have yet to see this bug or a reliable fesible
solution mentioned anywhere outside of this newsgroup. Can someone get
this hurried along with a knowledge base article and hopefully a
feasible solution?


Win98 or Win2k (no sp)
Access 2002 sp2, MDAC 2.7
ADP project connected to Sql Server 2000
Form with bound checkbox to underlying field of any type (bit, int,
varchar etc)

To recreate:

Create a new form based on any table or query.
Add a checkbox to the form bound to any field.
In Form_Load add some code that accesses Me.Recordset eg:

    Dim rs as adodb.recordset
    Set rs = Me.Recordset
    Debug.print me.recordset.eof

Run form, click on the checkbox
Access crashes


If, after the Me.Recordset object is accessed programatically, the
bound checkbox is clicked on, Access crashes.

If, after the Me.Recordset object is accessed programatically, any
other bound field not bound to a checkbox is changed, then the
checkbox is clicked on, Access won't crash.

Possible Solution(s):

Use an unbound checkbox
Use a textbox or other control instead of checkbox

See also:

Bound Checkbox Crashes XP APP (ADP)


Can anyone else recreate this problem?


DESPERATE: Bit fields and form Recordset object


[ADP/SQL Server] Access crash when user update a CheckBox on a form!

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Sat, 19 Mar 2005 07:37:33 GMT
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