How to or suggested web site and books 
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 How to or suggested web site and books

    I have been slowly picking up and using xml in various places. Recently
I have had a use where I wanted to use xml to query a database. I am using
SQL server with IIS support configured. Then I have xml templates that call
stored procedures that return xml data. I then have corresponding xsl files.
These are all URL queries where there is no "HTML' or asp file, just xml
templates and style sheets. I have a number of queries that return large
result sets. I want to "page" thru these results similar to paging thru a
record set using ADO and asp, showing 10 records at a time. Hit the "next"
button and show the next 10 records, etc.
     Anyone have suggestions on how to do this, or where to look? I would
prefer not to code this in ADO, asp, and standard stored procedures. I would
like to get some real pratical experience with presenting xml.


p.s. If you think there is a different newsgroup that I should post to
instead, just let me know.

Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:13:55 GMT
 How to or suggested web site and books


>      Anyone have suggestions on how to do this, or where to look?

Some methods of how this can be done are discussed at:


Thu, 28 Oct 2004 02:46:42 GMT
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