STATMAN error 208 
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 STATMAN error 208

Hi all,

really wierd error.   I have a job one on the intermediate
steps fails.   It called a stored proc which basically
performs some tree walking and some agregations.

if i run the sp manually it works, if i invoke the
individual step it works.  if the step is invoked
automatically it doesnt.

I have traced the execution and regardless of which method
of execution i use I always get this:

        FROM (SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT [BranchID],[LeafID]
1.000000e+002 PERCENT) ORDER BY [BranchID],[LeafID]) AS

Error: 208, Severity: 16, State: 0

this statement is not in my code.  I assume that it is
statistics related.  The strange ting is that this msg is
never echoed back when the sp is run.  it is only visible
in profiler.  any ideas ?


Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:44:11 GMT
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