Help is requested. Excel VBA to generate, verify outline. 
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 Help is requested. Excel VBA to generate, verify outline.

This is vague, so I will jump right in.

One database needs to have some of the same dimensions of an outline
of different database.  We can not use the outlilne editor for
maintenance. We only use load rules for outline maitenance.

I plan on using a VBA Excel Macro, to help create a "generational
outline file" to load.   Grand Parent, Parent, Child, etc.
 As long as each line holds the complete generational path, this could
be loaded right? Even if it is not in top down order - - ?

I plan to start with all zero level members in the dimension, use a
macro to copy them to  sheet2, zoom out to get the parent, copy the
parent to  sheet2, zoom out on the parent .....etc  etc for each zero
level member.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
Anyone had to do this before?


Tue, 25 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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