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 Claris FileMaker PRO Developments

CGI Computer Wares has been developing FileMaker Applications in the
retail sporting goods environment since the first releases of FileMaker.
CGI's parent company has been in the retail and wholesale business for
over 65 years. Casanova G. Inc. in 1979 obtained it's first PC computer
for the sole purpose of researching the possibilities of using this new
technology for automated invoicing and inventory trying.

In 1984, CGI Computer Wares became the new computer development and
marketing division of Casanova G. Inc.. During this time CGI obtained
Macintosh computers and developed a AppleShare LAN with full remote
access to central databases and applications. The databases developed
where based on the first version of FileMaker.

Through the years FileMaker has gone through many changes and CGI
Computer Wares has kept up with all the new improvements by implementing
them into their own database systems and the parent company's systems.

These systems include a Quote Processing/Tracking database linked to a
computer ingetration Build/Inventory Database, linked to an
Invoicing/Statement/Follow-up Service Database.

CGI also has developed Cataloging/Inventory Tracking/Invoicing Systems,
Advertising Invoicing system for a newspaper, automated invoicing for
automotive body shops, invoicing for a commercial landscaping company,
Wedding planning and contact database, and more.

CGI Computer Wares currently offers it's knowledge and extensive
real-world expeirences with computer automation and FileMaker Pro
database evironment. CGI offers computer automation of your business
invoicing processes so that your employees will know how to use the new
system without the confusion of using computer programs.

CGI develops invoicing systems using your company's invoices and
processes. What does this mean? It means you will see the invoice you
are using now on the computer screen. To use your invoice, you simply
point the computer mouse to the area you want to fill in and click the
mouse and start typing. Invoice details can be automated to save labor

CGI Computer Wares is also looking into Web Datbases for those looking
to use the Internet as a WAN for remote access or offering database
access to web brousers.

Since 1984, CGI Computer Wares has developed dabase applications and
Invoicing systems on Macintosh Computers and later DOS based and now
Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT.

Feel free to contact our technicial consutants for a no cost review of
your need for database or computer automation of your business

Attn.: Mr. Gene Casanova
FAX 1-414-783-6065


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