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 Status 91

If your running SPX on win 9x workstation check the network client to make
sure that the frame type is set to whatever you are using 802.2 or 802.3.
If it's on auto it will sometimes give a 91.  Bellow are other posibilities.

91: The application encountered a server error

The MicroKernel returns this status code in one of the following situations:

. The Requester cannot establish a session with the server. Either the
client/server MicroKernel is not loaded or the server is not active.

. The SPX drivers are not installed or are outdated.

. The value for the Number of Sessions configuration option is too low. Go
to Access in the server configuration settings and increase the value for
this option.

. An application specified a path for a file and did not include the volume
name in the path.

. The MicroKernel Router has not been loaded, and the following situation
has occurred: an application that uses both the MicroKernel Router and the
MicroKernel to make remote calls (and which therefore includes the server
and volume name when performing an Open operation) has attempted to open a
remote file. Because the MicroKernel Router does not interpret the server
name, the MicroKernel attempts to do so but cannot.

. A communication or network addressing problem exists in your network
environment, so the MicroKernel requests never reach their destination
server address. Ensure that your client and server network components are up
to date and certified for your network environment.

. This error may occur while using the DOS BREQNT requester with the SPX

a.  Change directories to \pvsw\clients\dos\windosbox and run the setup
utility. This loads the appropriate file for clients running Windows 9x or
Windows NT. The setup program creates and places a README.TXT file in the
\pvsw\W32DOXBOX directory.
b.  After installation, reboot the client.

. For Windows NT users: open a command prompt and run a DOS Btrieve

. For Windows 9x users:

1.  Run the BTRBOX95.exe. A minimized dialog box appears, indicating that
BTRBOX95 support is active. If you close this dialog box, it will unload
BTRBOX95. You only need to run BTRBOX95.exe once even though you have
multiple DOS sessions open.

2.  Open a command prompt and run your DOS Btrieve application.

. For NetWare servers only:

. The Maximum Packet Receive Size configuration option is inappropriate for
your environment. For example, the setting should be 1500 for an Ethernet
LAN or 4096 for a Token-Ring LAN.

. The user count limit has been exceeded. Either close a session or upgrade
your user count. For more information about purchasing and installing
additive user counts, refer to the Pervasive.SQL User's Guide.

. Ensure that the NDS network number is the same as the Internal Network
Number viewed by BINDER.EXE output.

. You ran BUTIL.NLM to roll forward a file using a log filename other than
the default, and your BLOG.CFG file did not contain a correct entry such as

> I have a customer getting a status 91 reading radfirm.btr. The radfirm
> is ours. Thsi only happens on 1 workstation. We have been using Btrieve
> since 1986 but do not have any documentation to support a status 91 error
> message. Nothing really good on the Pervasive sight either.
> Thanks

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Sat, 23 Aug 2003 03:29:47 GMT
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