stored procedure + memo datatype + jet engine 
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 stored procedure + memo datatype + jet engine


I added stored procedure to the access database using ADOX.Procedures.Append
Everything works, I can select, delete, insert and update rows in the
database but ...
I can't find a way how to create stored procedure with MEMO datatype
Everytime this datatype is converted to TEXT, which has limitation to 255
I tried to use varchar, longtext, longchar, memo, char(number of chars),
text(number of chars) but the result is ... TEXT. Obviously, when I'm trying
to send string longer than 255 chars to the database an error occurs.
I've found that adox adLongVarWChar datatype should be MEMO datatype in the
access, but I didn't find any way how to force ADOX to use it.

The same conversion happened when I tried to create stored procedure using
SQL syntax CREATE PROCEDURE and executed it against db engine. The memo
datatype is always converted.

Any ideas what should I use??

Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:32:34 GMT
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