VFP5.0a: flock() not waiting between data sessions ?? 
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 VFP5.0a: flock() not waiting between data sessions ??


I have two instances of a form trying to flock() a table. Set reprocess
is set to automatic in both instances. The first instance locks the
table, the flock() called by the second instance returns .f. immediately
without waiting for my ESC. This means it ignores the set reprocess
setting. All works fine with two program instances each having opened
the form once. But it doesn't with only one program instance having
opened the form twice.

I want to flock() the table for auto generating an unique field value.
Using table buffering and treating a key collision is not the way I want
to do it. The user should be able to modify the suggested value.

Did I forget to set a setting new in VFP5? Or is it a bug (latest
service release is installed)? Any workarounds?

Best regards, Thilo.

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Sun, 04 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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