WWW access to FP databases? 
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 WWW access to FP databases?


>Foxpro is available for SCO Unix which I am currently trying to provide
>WWW access to.  I am using Perl as the CGI.

>The CGI attempts to pass search criteria entered via an HTML form to a
>Foxpro compiled program.  The FP program searches the db based upon the
>criteria and writes the resul,t with html tags included, to a file.  The CGI
>then reads the file and writes it back to the client.

>So far I have written the FP program that operates correctly if I execute it
>from the command line with parameters.  I have proven my Perl script can read
>a waiting file (would be created by FP) and write it back to the client as

>I have written a piece of Perl code that when executed from the command line,
>will correctly call the FP code, pass the parameters, and resume.

>The problem I have is I cannot get the FP execute from the CGI when called
>via the HTML form, i.e. FP won't work when called from a CGI though it will
>work if called from the same Perl script when the script is executed at the
>command line.

>When the form is submitted, it just sits and waits.  The httpd error_log only
>shows the typical "... malformed header ..." error.

>The command I am using to call the FP code from the Perl CGI is:

>exec("fp.exe -t param1, param2, param3, param4" > temp")

>The "> temp" is required to re-direct the standard output to a file.  I
>believe this is necessary because even though there is no coded output from
>the FP program, FP still writes some non-printable characters to the screen
>which there seems no way to suppress.

>Any help or suggestions would be more than appreciated.


>Harry G. Barkerding

>New Orleans, LA

You are almost there, Harry. Two weeks ago I  did a Foxpro function/prg
that is used real-time from Internet both ways to/from a database. The
wayI  did it was to let the C code do the net interface and have C and
 Foxpro talk both ways by creating *.txt fixed-format ascii  message  files.
 I had to do this for a trade show and got it working in one day.
 No problems with this low level messaging.


Mon, 12 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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