Significant systems value improvement 
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 Significant systems value improvement

Since 1976, Absolute Information Inc. in cooperation with universities
world-wide, has developed two key sciences that provide significant
benefit to all kinds of information system users and businesses.
These are:

Infology, the study of information and the pure science,
being the study of the characteristics and attributes of information, and
Infodynamics, the application of information and the applied science,
being the practical utilisation of this new knowledge in all situations.

As a result of this study and its practical benefits, Absolute Information
now provides three main classes of products based around
Infology and Business Infodynamics, these are
1) education, 2) business tools and 3) business services or consultancy.
They are normally applied in combination for maximum effect and provide:

i)      Guaranteed correct and complete user information requirements.
ii)     Auditable information requirements definitions.
iii)    The worlds only Common Information Language (C.I.L.)
for users and I/T alike.
iv)     Information Filters to prevent information overload and management stress.
v)      Objective comparisons between existing and required information systems.
vi)     Prediction tools that allow remarkably accurate future needs to be determined.
vii)    Formal information management assessments for competitive comparisons and
progress measurement.
iix)    Accurate information system financial value assessment.
ix)     The proven basis for all BPR, I/S and I/T projects to be self-funding.

Infology, Infodynamics and C.I.L. have made many conventional approaches
obsolete overnight. In particular, the application of Business Infodynamics
reduces the costs and time for traditional BPR, Data-Warehouse, MIS, EIS,
SAP (or other application products), and Information Management projects,
to as much as a tenth of previous approaches.

The specialised education, tools and services used are innovative,
modular and can be licenced and used separately or in combination.

Absolute Information is looking for interested companies
who want cost-effective information systems
that will exceed best-practice and world-class operation,
and serious potential licencees who feel that they may be able
- with the right support - to deliver these highly beneficial products.
Many significant references (small to billion dollar companies)
will attest to results.

Interested parties can respond to the addresses shown above.
We treat all enquiries seriously.

Tue, 18 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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