HELP!!!, I am so new that I do 
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 HELP!!!, I am so new that I do

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On:                         Wed, 7 Jul 1993 21:23:07 GMT

|        I am new to CLIPPER programming and am using CLIPPER 5.01.  I've
| written a simple database program with it and the program has been running
| for about 8 months.  However, I have discovered that there is some _JUNKS_
| files with random filename (e.g. ABCJGJSK) without extensions got generated
| in my application's directory.  There is about 50 of them and more are
| generated everyday.  Some of the files actually contained some junk
| informations in there whereas others are just plain empty (with 0 bytes in
| size).  It also seems that the application will still work fine if I delete
| all such _JUNK_ files, but the will be some generated the next day.  Does
| anyone know what is happening?  I am very despriate and REALLY REALLY need
| some help.  If my post is confusing, let me know and I will e-mail you a
| more detail description.

Hi. Clipper 5.01's VMM system create swap files. These junk files
of yours are created in connection with this. They are only
normally left around after an error. But don't worry too much
about them, but it is worthwhile deleting them, otherwise you
will eventually run out of directory space.


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