Graphical interfaces and Databases Question 
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 Graphical interfaces and Databases Question

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Net,

I have an idea for an educational program for elementary school aged children
involving graphical images (with captions and other info from a database)
displayed on a monitor linked to a database of information about the items
that are being displayed.  This application needs to run under Windows 3.1 and
could have up to, say, 10,000 records.

Basically, the children would choose a category, that would then narrow the
search to smaller group of images, etc. down to the desired item.  When they
choose the final item, information could be displayed about the chosen subject.

I would also like to be able to have them choose from different characteristics
of the chosen object as a test? to see if they can identify the object
correctly.  I would like to be able to keep track (something like an inventory
system) of the number of times the items are chosen, the number of questions
answered correctly, points scored etc. so I can improve the system and give
the kids a sense of accomplishment when they better their own score.

I have developed the graphics end of things using Visual Basic, but I need to
know what type of application I could use to develop the database and inventory
(keeping track of scores and kids) part of the program.  I would need to be
able to create some type of executable so that the database would not have to
be resident.  

I don't mind buying the development environment (free is great too!), because
I can always use it for other things, and I would like to have a powerful
application that I could use for commercial projects later.  I am a reasonably
good C and Pascal programmer (but a real novice at databases), so the
programming shouldn't be a problem as long as the finished product is very
easy to use.

Thank you very much for any information or direction that you could give me.

Jim Steele

Mon, 23 Dec 1996 09:24:46 GMT
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