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I am running a distributed database on a SUN-3 (A). Tables are linked
from a local database and a remote database on a SUN-3 machine (B).

When I run an ABF-application from (B), it hangs after an update is made.
When I check the remote machine (A), the local INGRES installation there
has started a backend process to serve the newly arrived query. The update
in question is carried out as expected but the initiating process hangs (forever?).

Any hints ?

Configuration :         SUN-3 (A) with OS version 4.0.3
                        SUN-3 (B) with OS version 4.1.1
                        INGRES+INGRES/NET+INGRES/STAR version 5.0

Last question : Is INGRES/STAR implemented on SUN-3 or SUN-4 for
                INGRES version 6.X ???


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Tue, 23 Nov 1993 17:08:01 GMT
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