FPD - Output (paper) forms to HP printer 
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 FPD - Output (paper) forms to HP printer

Hi all,

A long time ago, somebody developed a nifty Windows software program called
'FormCode Gen'. This program allowed you to design a form in a kind of
report designer, complete with variables, graphics, boxes, etc. The word
'form', in this context, means a paper form - an invoice, for example. The
output of this program was an xBase program that could recreate your form
at the printer by sending PCL printer codes. It was set up in such a way
that you could modify this output program and have it do all the database
looping you wanted to. Basically, an advanced report writer for the DOS
product. This was perfect for our needs, and we have quite a few forms that
were created this way.

Recently we have been unable to run it because we apparently lost some old
fonts that are essential to it. Looks like the developer of the program
went belly up, though. At least we can't get a hold of him.

Does anybody know of a program that will do the same thing? Or any new
address for the developer of FormCode Gen (don't recall the name)? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


Hans Kristiansen

Mon, 26 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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