Ingres and type 4 keyboard on a sun 3/80 
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 Ingres and type 4 keyboard on a sun 3/80

I have Ingres 6.3 istalled on a sun 3/80 running OS 4.0.3 which has
a type 4 keyboard, and I can't get the function keys to work with the
openwindows shelltool.   On a sun 3/60 with a type 3 keyboard, they work
fine if I set TERM_INGRES to 'sunm'.  On the 3/80 the labels come up
correctly, but pressing the function keys doesn't work.  In both cases
I am running the Xsun server and twm/tvtwm.

Does anyone have a solution, or termcap entry that works for the type 4
keyboard for shelltools?


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Thu, 25 Nov 1993 03:12:46 GMT
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