Problem with query in fp2.6 
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 Problem with query in fp2.6

The problem is this. I run my invoices for my business using a query in
fp2.6. What the query does is to process all invoice numbers > a certain
number. All records that match an invoice number are summed and the sum is
printed in the footer for the data grouping variable( in this case the
project code). Also, included in the footer are text objects that describe
each of the projects. For example, "Services for project ABC",which should
only print when the project code is equal to that particular project.One
can do this by double clicking on the text object and  having it print
only when a certain condition is met.  However, what is happening now is
that it prints the text object for the first project encountered and all
subsequent projects it prints the first text object. I have done this
before and it has worked. But for some reason now, when the project
changes it does not go on to the next text object. Anybody have any ideas
as to what is going on?

Tue, 25 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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