C++ Builder is comming to Dallas 
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 C++ Builder is comming to Dallas

The Delphi Developers of Dallas are proud to present a preview of
Borland newest rapid Development Tool "C++ Builder". On Wed. Feb. 26 at
7:00 CST at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel.

The preview will be presented by David Intersimone, Borland's Language
Ambassador to the world.

As director of developer relations, David Intersimone has world wide
responsibility for technology evangelism, content engineering and
ongoing business relationships with developers of tools, class
libraries, and components that work with Borland's language, database
and client/server products.  Mr. Intersimone's 23-year programming
background and ten years at Borland makes him uniquely qualified to
speak the developers' language and understand the challenges they face.
Mr. Intersimone serves as Borland's "language ambassador to the
 world," speaking at industry trade shows, conferences, seminars, user
group meetings, and universities.  David has completed multiple world
tours promoting object-oriented programming and created a two-hour
instructional video tape titled "The World of C++"  that teaches C++ to
C programmers.

For more information Please See our web page at "WWW.3-D.ORG".

Sun, 01 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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