FoxPro look and feel (Changing) 
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 FoxPro look and feel (Changing)


  One thing that is keeping me from starting on writing FoxPro Apps is
the look and feel of the screens built with it.  I have grown accustomed
to the Borland Turbo Vision look and feel..  I hope this is a naive
question and the answer is yes:

  Is there a way to change the look and feel of Foxpro written screens
and buttons short of writing your own keyboard handler and painting
everything yourself.  To be more specific:  Can you make the Foxpro
buttons look different (instead of < button > it would be [ button ],
etc)..  It just seems more solid the way windows look in a Turbo Vision
environment,....  I understand that I can write routines that will paint
the windows anyway I want, however I'm trying not to reinvent the

  Thanks!  (I hope GenscrnX, or something like it is the solution to
this, because I love the speed of FOX)


Sun, 15 Dec 1996 05:36:50 GMT
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