Screen redraw in Foxbase+/Mac 
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 Screen redraw in Foxbase+/Mac

Ever since I use Foxbase on the Mac, there is an annoying situation
happening that is the screen redraw: It's ok to see values of the field
being redrawn flicky but the static text and some graphics (like scroll
box) also flicky! Is it a FEATURE or was there anything I've done
incorrectly?  What I would like to see is a very smooth screen painting
of the static text and graphics when a record is displayed.

Any input would be appreciated!  E-mail prefered.
Tom Locke                                 (206) 865-6568 (wk)
Boeing Computer Services       ....uunet!bcstec!voodoo!toml
M/S 7K-20
P.O. Box 24346

Mon, 06 Dec 1993 00:13:26 GMT
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