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 XML4Analysis & DrillThrough

XML/A is capable of executing DRILLTHROUGH, however the limitation is that
the result set will contain only one rowset (i.e. from the first partition).
XML/A standard doesn't currently have mechanism for returning multiple

The failure that you see might be related to permissions as you suggested.
You can ask for CUBEs schema rowset and check the value of the
IS_DRILLTHROUGH_ENABLED column to verify that.


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> Hi Everyone,
> Can anyone tell me if the XML for Analysis ISAPI is
> capable of executing DRILLTHROUGH statements?
> I've tried but get the following error:

> <faultcode>XMLAnalysisError.80020009</faultcode>
> <faultstring>An error occurred while processing the
> request.</faultstring>
> <faultactor>XML for Analysis Provider</faultactor>

> Is this a permissions issue or is the ISAPI incapable of
> executing the MDX.

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 02:32:21 GMT
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