Help With FoxPro 2.6a Mac Screen Builder 
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 Help With FoxPro 2.6a Mac Screen Builder

Hello.  I am a *new* FoxPro user, and have a question on Screen
Builder.  I created a database with 35 fields.  I ran a Screen wizard
which only took about 10 fields.  I opened Screen Builder to add more
fields.  Two questions:

1) When manually adding field areas in the screen builder, I noticed
that the numbers in the input areas jumped about 10 numbers up (the
wizard areas ended with 10 and the manual areas began with 21).  What
does that mean?

2) To test my added fields, on the 6th record I entered information in
one of the non-wizard created areas.  I saved, and then browsed the
database.  That information had been put into the first record rather
than the 6th.  Does that mean that every field must have something
entered into it, or else data will migrate to the first open position in
that column?

3) Okay, one more.  If I want a data entry field to be limited to two
choices (Y/N) I see where in the template form 'L' will designate this.
Where in the interface in delimiting this field do I write 'L', or is
there a code snippet that is needed?  And if so, where would that go?
In the Where or Valid options?

Thanks in advance for ANY help in this area.  I have used Access and am
not familiar with the more programming side of FoxPro, and especially on
a Mac.

Lynn Pritcher

Sun, 06 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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