Looking for explanation of OODB problem 
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 Looking for explanation of OODB problem

It is not entirely clear what is being described below. Rather than
propose my interpretation, I am looking for other opinions and

From "UNIX Today!", May 13, 1991, pp. 58, 64...

    [Paraphrasing: Dan Gerson, Xerox PARC, is developing collaborative
    systems, in particular a document database that will allow
    multiple users and track versions. He's not sure OODBs are best
    for his work. He's using a Sybase DBMS and is investigating
    ObjectStore from Object Design.]

    [Quoting: typing errors are mine.]

    But OODBMSes have their drawbacks as well. "Currently, OODBMSes
    are not very well developed," he [Gerson] says.

    "The basic problem in an OODBMS is in the user I/O inside of a
    transaction," Gerson adds. "Programs in an RDBMS have a looser
    connection to the data. Users issue an SQL query, the data base
    gets a table, makes a copy of it, and the user looks at it on his

    During a transaction in an OODBMS, objects are loaded into memory,
    either real or virtual. "As soon as you execute a transaction, you
    can't see the object anymore," he says. "In an RDBMS, the system
    is giving you some sort of a copy. In an OODBMS, the system is
    giving you the actual object, so they're only valid in a

    Gerson syas he believes few people are aware of this fundamental
    flaw in OODBMS technology because so few systems are out there.
    Those that are function as single-user, workstation-based
    development systems, not multiuser systems where deadlocks can
    occur. Besides, he says, he thinks some OODBMS vendors are either
    unaware of the possible problem or deliberately ignoreing it.

    [End of quote.]

that. You can also try going through uunet!(mntgfx, mentorg, mentor.com)!plogan
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