First Impressions of Access 
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 First Impressions of Access

Here are some initial impressions about
Access, received 3 days ago.

1.  Everything has 2 or 3 "views" that can
   be switched to at the touch of a button:
   datasheet, design, and form (and others).
   Datasheets shows a table and it can be
    formatted like a spreadsheet (w/o formulas).
   Columns can be resized, fonts can be chosen.
   Forms can be as complex as you want, including
   1-many relationships, subforms, buttons,
    and graphics.  Reports are like forms but
    are intended for the printer.

2.  SQL is hidden but can be used if desired.
    On the other hand, it does not support
     creation/dropping of tables and views,
    that has to be done using the graphical

3.  It is impossible or difficult to use
    Access files from another application.
    (I hope somebody proves me wrong).  For example,\
    Excel cannot have a dynamic link to an Access
     table.  I don't see how a C program could
     access Access, there is no equivalent of
     embedded SQL.

4.  Visual Basic seems to be a complete programming
     language.  However, it cannot create tables
     or views, nor drop them.

5.  There seems to be a bug accessing dBase III files.
     (Again, tell me I am wrong).  I deleted a row
     and inserted another, and did not get any feedback
     although the table looked correct.  The inserted
     row would not appear when I accessed the file using
     Excel.  The deleted row reappeared next time I
     opened the file.

6.  Creating forms and reports is not trivial.  At the very
     least you have to read the manuals.  I couldn't figure
    out how to modify the width of some columns after I
     created a report using the Wizards. I could change the
    width but the heading would not move automatically,
    leaving headings out of sync with the data.

Tue, 30 May 1995 03:01:57 GMT
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