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 CA acquisition

Norman, take a Vallium.  The standard press releases that we see during
these times (and I might add, pontifications like yours) are suitable for
fertilizing plants.  Unfortunately, it will take a few months before we can
accurately guage the impact of this takeover (by CA's actions) and get a
sense of where this one is going.  Do you always make such hasty strategic
decisions? (or do you have anything at stake here?) At this point, we have
not heard what CA has to say.  They have done these kinds of takeovers at
least 30 or so times before so one would expect they have a plan (although I
must admit that I don't fully comprehend what it is at this point).  Does
anybody know what the impact has been on the EuroTech and AsiaTech
development centres?>Dear Readers,

>I had plenty of opportunities to compare rumors with
>facts regarding the Ingres-collapse. No matter how one feels
>personally about the take-over, there stays the indisputable
>fact that the former Ingres-Database-products are now without
>any substantial support. Anyone with some basic knowledge of
>how such products evolve over time knows that without the
>people who know the source 'inside-out' there will be
>no reasonable chance for the product to survive. The competitors
>will not wait for Computer Associates to catch up or to compensate
>for consequences of decisions considered a severe mistake by
>many experts.

>Knowing that not just the 'inside-out'-knowledge software engineers
>left but also most of the essential environment (see Computer
>center etc. I know the situation from a close look at it ! ) it is
>inevitable to conclude that the products of EX-Ingres
>are no longer an option to customers. That is not a judgment on the
>value of the products up to the time Computer Associates took over.
>The Ingres products have (had) a respected reputation regarding the
>progressive technology, though the marketing of the products was
>commonly considered inefficient.

>Independent of personal preferences it is almost an obligation to
>inform customers that it is high time to withdraw orders for these
>products and not to go for license extensions. For many it will be
>difficult to change to competitive products but it will save the them
>a lot of money. Counter statements by Computer Associates are a matter
>of course (what company would admit such facts ?).

>I want to emphasize that I do not want to judge on the 'habits' and
>'customs' of Computer Associates or Ingres. Their behaviour might be
>called unethical or 'smart business'-like or powerful and 'whatsoever'.
>Bashing Ex-Ingres people or Computer Associates is useless and unprofessional.
>I am concerned about the customers who have to carefully plan their
>budget and depend on correct, unbiased information. I therefore
>recommended to friend of mine who run Ingres to catch the slogan
>of Bush AND Clinton : It is time for change.

>On the personal side I contacted some customers and asked for their
>experience with Computer Associates service (without disputing the
>Ingres-take over to avoid biasing them ). I was amazed that all of
>them ended up with much more critics than recommendations. A common
>phrase was : "Have not heard that much good about them." One person
>was reporting the long term trouble he had with their service people
>and an uncommon rough behaviour.
>Those people are from Germany exclusively.

>My on-site info is from California, Alameda Ex-Ingres and contact
>to customers in Germany.

>I would be glad if someone could help me to get more information about
>the '2 billion revenue' Computer Associate claims over and over again.
>My experience is that such figures are VERY impressive to most people and
>that this impression often changes when the numbers get subject to a
>close expertise study. Were the 311 Million Dollar Computer Associates
>paid for Ingres from available "cash" of the Computer Associates or from
>bank credit, etc.?  By the way : I sold my Ingres-ASK shares all
>together, but the broker keeps telling me that Computer Associates did not
>send enough money to pay him. So, when I wrote " Computer Associates
>PAID for Ingres " a few lines above, I was incorrect. It should read :
>" .. Computer Associates INTENDS to pay for Ingres..." . I wonder how
>much money they keep in their accounts in order to get more interest that
>actually is paid by former share holders.... But this is a story on a
>different level.

>Thanks for listening !

>Dr. Norman Fahrer

>P.S. : I am neither an Ex-Ingres Employee nor I am a Computer Associates
>       employee. I am free from pressure of both sides.  

Mon, 23 Dec 1996 07:54:12 GMT
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