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 Writing a data-base...


> I need to write a simple database manager for a large database.  We have
> tried dBase but have decided that it (and PC's in general) are too
> unreliable, so we are now looking for a way to do this with a UNIX based
> system on one of our HP workstations.  I have writen a such a database
> system before in C, but under the VMS operating system.  VMS gives the C
> programmer access to a number of exciting functions that can handle
> indexing files, random access of files, deleting and editing records in
> the middle of files, locking individual records within files, etc...  all
> of the function that a data-base package such as dBase gives you.
> Unfortunatly, these functions were all built into VMS and are VMS
> specific.  I am wondering if there is some UNIX based package or UNIX
> library that would be helpful with some of these file manipulation tasks.

> read this newsgroup regularly and so I am likely to miss your helpful
> suggestions otherwise.

> Thanx in advance for your help...

> Andy

We are in the same boat.  I found that all of the 4GL vendors
wanted an arm and a leg for their products. Below is a summary
of "lower cost" solutions to the problem.

Public Domain/Net sources:

 - dbm (ndbm) (gdbm)  -  Unix quick file look up routines.
                         dbm, ndbm come with most Unixes.
                         gdbm is GNU dbm.  The main problem
                         with [ng]dbm is that it doesn't support
                         sequenced lookup of data, it's basically
                         a fast lookup from a key.

     ingres89.tar.Z       - University Ingres
                            take a look at embedded quel.
     postgresv2.1.tar.Z   - Postgres relational db.  Nice features
                            including a C library interface.
                            Too bad it caused my 4/280 to crash.
     bsd_database.tar.Z   - a set different access mechanisims
                            for storing data to disk. I believe
                            it has btree, avl, etc...

     server to look for source for these.


  - Raima offers   dbVista (Networked database), dbFile (ISAM)
    3k to 14k for source.

  - Faircom offers  CTREE, DTREE, RTREE.
    I had trouble with this package at my last job.
    2k to 6k for source

  - Informix offers C-ISAM
    Price unknown, check Unixworld for companies selling clones of
    this package.

  - Recital offers full dbase IV compatability along with a C
    library to manipulate Dbase format indexes and files.  We chose
    this because we could implement OpenLook interface tools with
    the C library, and do quick and dirty reporting with Dbase language
    and tools.
    4 to 6k for full Dbase environment plus development library.
    You have to buy runtimes for your users.

   - Cdb from Jaybe Software is an inexpensive package with a
     lot of features.  Call (602) 327-2299.  I almost got this
     one, but we weren't that strapped for cash and the reporting
     abilities (and Dbase) of Recital were very enticing.

Hope this helps a little.



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Sat, 27 Nov 1993 20:05:08 GMT
 Writing a data-base...

Another netter told me I made a mistake in my previous postings
with regard to anon ftp and telnet addresses.  Boy did I

  This site has ingres, postgres and bsd_db.


>     server to look for source for these.

 telnet to quiche.cs.mcgill.ca, login in as "archie", no password.
  This drops you into McGill's archive listing database.

  Do this command:

        prog postgres

        prog ingres

        prog bsd_database

 and you will get a rather large listing of anon ftp sites that have it.

 Try postgres.berkely.edu first, it has what I mentioned.



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Sun, 28 Nov 1993 02:44:12 GMT
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