How do you set printer to a network printer 
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 How do you set printer to a network printer

I am working on finishing a project up and the company wants me to
connect the program to the network to print at different nodes on the
local area network. I seen the command
        set printer to \\<machine name>\<path name> = <dest>

        Every thing I tried it sent to the local printer on the machine I am
on even when I try to redirect the print out.
        I tried
                set printer to \\dummyname\var\barf="LPT2"
        and said the network printer is not connected.

please any help will be helpful.

Sun, 14 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 How do you set printer to a network printer

If you are using FoxPro for windows it cannot be done this way, cos as soon as you
give the command REPORT FORM xxxx TO PRINTER, Fox ignores all settings and prints to
the printer port that you used to set up the report.

Open the .FRX file that is created by your report and look into the memo fields
"tag2 "and the other memo field "tag".(See the developers guide for exact names.
These fields hold the printer setup at the TIME THE REPORT WAS CREATED.

1. If you only need to send output to a single port "\\server\canon on LPT1", then
before you do anything set your default printer in fox to this printer.

Open the said report and select report, laypot from the menu and select the printer
setup button. Select this printer from the list and close and save your report.
Output will now ALWAYS go to this printer.

2. For multiple printers, you need to be devious. This is how I do it.
a. I have a table which is a copy od\f the two tag fields +1 character field for the
report name. You can expand on this idea for searches.
RepoName C (20)
Printer  C (30)
Tag      M (10)
Tag2     M (10)

Repo name is the name of the report, Printer is the name of the printer and the memo
fields are the fields that hold report data.
Open the report as in point 1 above and save it. Copy the two tag fields to your
table and fill in printer and repo name.
Set up printer #2 and open the report again as above. SEt up a new printer in the
report and save.
Append the two tag fields to your table. Do this for each repo and each printer.
USE Myrepo.frx IN 0
Copy the relevant tag fields into the tag fields of the repo. Print. That's it.

Alternatively you can include the reports in the project and at print time copy them
to a temp file (SYS(3)) and modify the tag fields of the temp file.

Sun, 14 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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