ANNOUNCE: That Access Greed spam 
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 ANNOUNCE: That Access Greed spam

What you're seeing are the ravings of a small-time failed spammer that
calls itself HipCrime. It has a 'bot that spews this junk in an effort
to be noticed, and to attempt to damage
(follow-ups are set there, not in your group), because it thinks that
this will somehow destroy the group. See the sites below for more
information than you ever want to know about this idiot.

http://www.***.com/ ~rchason/

Its latest technique is to post the contents of a pro-spam article
written by  a culeless journalist. With follow-ups still set to NANAE.
We in our group see nothing but complaints about this spam. While
heartwarming, it does nothing but add noise to an already noisy group.

Tue, 04 May 2004 08:52:33 GMT
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