Inporting Data from Informix 4GL to some environment in a PC 
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 Inporting Data from Informix 4GL to some environment in a PC

Dear Friend,

First of all, I would like to say that I am out of DataBase programming
for quite a long. So I have lost a lot of terminology. Anyway I think
this is a nice place to ask for some help.

Here's the problem.

I have a DataBase in a Olivetti Unix Station that has an application
written in Informix 4GL (I know that this is old Informix), and I woul
like to read all the data to a PC, and then build some application using
Delphi 2.0.

I think it is possible to read the data in three ways:
* wite a C application that reads and converts the data for some known
format (in PC). I think this is old style and as so I would like to
avoid it.
* use Q+E that uses Informix data remotely. I must say that I don't know
the state of the art about Q+E. In 1991 some friends of mine do it this
way. Is this a good way of doing things? I think this involves a lot of
* Using a particular driver from OBDC. Is this possible? I am asking
because I don't have this driver in my OBDC. If there is such a driver,
can I get it from you with some short explanations about how to
interface with the driver?

I appreciate all of the help from you.

Note, if there is some bibliography that is good for my state of
knowledge, I would like you to pass the link.

Again, Thanks from AA.

Mon, 29 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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