Virtual Interfaces for Databases 
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 Virtual Interfaces for Databases

Our laboratory is looking for database vendors who would like to sponsor
research and development of virtual interfaces for complex and/or
dynamic databases.  This is not inexpensive work, as we are basically
starting from scratch.  I welcome email from participants in this
newsgroup in a position to initiate or strongly advise on such projects.

Also, I encourage you to post to sci.virtual-worlds, where the issue
of virtual interfaces for databases has come up several times.  Thanks.

Bob Jacobson
Moderator, sci.virtual-worlds

Associate Director
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
Washington Technology Center, FJ-15
c/o University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195  USA
(206) 543-5075 voice
(206) 543-5380 fax


Sat, 27 Nov 1993 09:54:02 GMT
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