Strange Keyboard Behaviour w/ Artefacts BTRBOX95 Support 
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 Strange Keyboard Behaviour w/ Artefacts BTRBOX95 Support

We have just found problems using the direct port to the Win32
requester on a Win95 wkstn via BTRBOX95.  Our (DOS) app uses hot keys
for navigation to various places in the app.  For example, pressing
ALT+M takes you to the Master File Maint area and opens the master
file db's.

The problem that we are seeing is that if the ALT key is released at
the same time that the Btrieve OPEN commands are being issued, our app
seems to think that the ALT key has been placed into some sort of
locked mode.  (like caps lock, etc).  This effectively diables
keyboard input (with the exception of valid ALT key inputs) until such
time as the ALT key is depressed and released again.  Now, we can make
this occur almost at will, and I can PREVENT it from occuring by
holding down the ALT key until the Btrieve OPEN command finishes.  

Further, I find that this ONLY occurs on a Win95 machine, and not on
the NT implementation of the Artefacts connection.  I have talked to
Pervasive about this and am in the process of putting together
documentation and test code so they can reproduce it in Austin.  I was
just curious if anyone else has seen anything like this.  

Sat, 14 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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