One SQL Statement for Multiple Datebases - ADO / FoxPro???? 
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 One SQL Statement for Multiple Datebases - ADO / FoxPro????


I'm guessing this is a pretty frequently asked question. I browsed through
but didn't find it.

Obviously, I'm trying to get 2 (or more) "Free" FoxPro databases into one
SQL Statement.

Let me clarify. Foxpro, like DBase tables are not in a "database". Each
table represents a database on it's own. You can use a Foxpro container but
in my case, each table is it's own file, no database file to contain them.
They're called "Free" tables.

I need to be able to call, probably as high as 3 tables in one SQL Statement
from ADO > ole db > ODBC drivers for  Foxpro (tables range from DOS to
Foxpro 6.0) but I shouldn't need to mix versions in one statement.

This will ocurr in Web pages > Active Server Pages using VB Script.

If you've got the answer for me, you've been nodding your head, "yea, yea,
yea" through the paragraphs above. I sure would appreciate some help on it.
I searched MSDN and couldn't find it.

Marl Atkins
Microsoft Certified Professional
SoftLink Systems
(407) 767-9016

Tue, 07 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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