Problem getting list of fields in table 
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 Problem getting list of fields in table

I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on a problem I'm having
getting a list of the fields in a table as I can't get it working and it's
driving me nuts!

Basically it works for a table I import from another database, but if I
create a new table and add some fields to it, it says there are no fields in
the database. Here's the code I'm using, here's the class for getting field
lists, it gets passed on construction a reference to a Connection object,
which handles the connection to the database:

class FieldList
 FieldList( Connection& conn, LPCTSTR pszTableName );

 bool MoveNext() { return SQLFetch( m_hstmt ) != SQL_NO_DATA; }
 LPCTSTR GetName() { return m_szFieldName; }


 Connection& m_conn;
 SQLHSTMT m_hstmt;
 TCHAR m_szFieldName[ 100 ];
 SQLINTEGER m_cbFieldName;


FieldList::FieldList( Connection& conn, LPCTSTR pszTableName )
 : m_conn( conn )
 , m_hstmt( SQL_NULL_HSTMT )
 // allocate a statement handle.
 if( SQL_FAILED( SQLAllocHandle( SQL_HANDLE_STMT, conn.GetConnection(),
&m_hstmt ) ) )
  throw new Exception( _T("Unable to allocate a statement handle.") );

 // get a list of the fields.
 if( SQL_FAILED( SQLColumns( m_hstmt, NULL, 0, NULL, 0,
(SQLCHAR*)pszTableName, SQL_NTS, NULL, 0 ) ) )
  throw new Exception( _T("Unable to get field list.") );

 m_szFieldName[ 0 ] = _T('\0');

 if( SQL_FAILED( SQLBindCol( m_hstmt, 4, SQL_C_CHAR, m_szFieldName,
countof( m_szFieldName ), &m_cbFieldName ) ) )
  throw new Exception( _T("Unable to bind column.") );


 // free the statement handle.
 if( m_hstmt != SQL_NULL_HSTMT )
  if( SQL_FAILED( SQLFreeHandle( SQL_HANDLE_STMT, m_hstmt ) ) )
   throw new Exception( _T("Unable to free the statement handle.") );


And here's the code using this to get the list of fields:

  // already got Connection object conn.
  FieldList list( conn, _T("MyTable") );

  while( list.MoveNext() )
   VERIFY( m_ctlSourceFields.AddString( list.GetName() ) != LB_ERR );
 catch( Exception* pe )

I tried changing Fetch to FetchScroll but this made no difference.

Thanks for any help,

Tue, 07 Sep 2004 20:16:51 GMT
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