Call for Papers: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 
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 Call for Papers: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing

This is a first call for papers for the AI track of the
1995 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing: Deadline SEPTEMBER 1ST.

                         **Call For Papers**


                           February 26-28, 1995
                Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

SAC '95

SAC is the annual conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Applied
Computing (SIGAPP).  For the past nine years, SAC has become a primary
forum for applied computing practitioners and researchers. SAC will bring
together applied computer scientists from related ACM Special Interest

Special track on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A special track on Artificial Intelligence will be held in SAC '95.  It
will be a forum for scientists, engineers, researchers and practitioners
throughout the world to share technical ideas and experiences relating to
implementation, application and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence
techniques.  Original papers and tutorials (half or full day) and panel
proposals are invited in all areas of SC applications.  Major topics of
interest include, but are not limited to the following:

         o Intelligent Front-Ends
         o Natural Language Processing
         o Diagram Interpretation
         o User Modelling
         o Integration with existing software or data systems
         o Design or selection of information presentations (esp. multi-modal)
         o Automatic design of software interfaces or other tools

Guidelines For Submission

Original papers dealing with any aspect of computing applications
will be considered for presentation and publication in the SAC '95
Proceedings.  This includes three categories of submissions: (1)
original and unpublished research, (2) reports of innovative
computing applications in the arts, sciences, engineering, business,
government, and industry, and (3) reports of successful technology
transfer to new problem domains.  Each category of submissions will
be reviewed by peer groups appropriate to that category.  Accepted
papers in all categories will be published in the Conference
Proceedings.  Expanded versions of selected papers from all
categories will be considered for publication in the ACM/SIGAPP
quarterly Applied Computing Review or one of the other participating
SIGs' publications. Submission guidelines must be strictly followed:

o    An email intention-to-submit sent to the track chair would be
     appreciated, since it would facilitate planning the reviewing process.
     Please include the title, some keywords and a one-paragraph summary
     of the paper.  

o    Submit SIX copies of manuscript to the SAC '95
     Artificial Intelligence track chair at the address below.

o    Author  name(s)  and  address(es)  are  NOT  to appear  in  the  body
     of  the paper, and self reference should be in third person.

o    Body of paper should  not  exceed  4,000  words (approx. 15 pages,
     double-spaced) without prior approval.

o    Separate cover sheet should be attached to each copy,  containing  (1)
     title, (2) author(s) and affiliation(s), and (3) address  (including
     e-mail  and  fax  number) to which correspondence should be addressed.

o    All papers  and  panel proposals must be submitted by September 1, 1994.
     Since the reviewing period is only two months, THIS DEADLINE IS FINAL.
     Any submissions received after that date will be ignored.

Direct  correspondence,  inquiries  and  submissions relating to this
special track should be sent to:

Robert inder
(SAC '95 Aitificial Intelligence Track Chair)
Human Communication Research Centre
University of Edinburgh
2, Buccleuch Place,

Tel: (+44) 31 650 4449
Fax: (+44) 31 650 4587

|                                                          |
|                     IMPORTANT DATES                      |
|                                                          |
|      OCTOBER   30, 1994   AUTHOR NOTIFICATION            |
|      DECEMBER  15, 1994   CAMERA-READY COPY              |
|      FEBRUARY  26, 1995   CONFERENCE BEGINS              |
|                                                          |

For General Inquiries Contact The Conference Chair:

Jim Hightower
Dept. of Mgmt. Science/Info. Systems
California State U.
Fullerton, CA  92634-9480

SAC '95 Officials

Conference Chair

Jim Hightower, California State University

Program Chair

Ed Deaton, Hope College

Conference Coordinators

K.M. George, Oklahoma State University
Janice Carroll, Sam Houston State University

Robert Inder        HCRC, 2, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh  EH8 9LW Scotland
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Robert Inder        HCRC, 2, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh  EH8 9LW Scotland
Imminent death of the Net predicted due to Mosaic traffic overload...
   For details, see http://www.***.com/ :www12/news18/article354426

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