Apology: Backup and Recovery - Some Advanced Techniques 
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 Apology: Backup and Recovery - Some Advanced Techniques


>Date: Tue, 1 Aug 95 10:41:48 CDT

>    This is in reply to Michael Leo's discouraging other readers of
>    this news group to send reply for this thread. I certainly don't
>    want to offend any one in person by sending this reply, especially
>    Michael who has invaluable contribution to this news group.

>: "Shaker" has requested or implied interest in working with various
>: people on the net on a contract basis to fulfill his needs.  

>What's the harm? People give job adverti{*filter*}t in this news group asking
>other people to work for them. Creates job, more market for Ingres. Helps
>someone with right experitse.

> [SNIP]

>I am sure this particular thread about parallel checkpointing, mirroring
>and editting template file not only helped Shaker but many other reader of
>this news group.


>Gajendra Jain

Dear info-ingres readers,

  After re-thinking my position on my posting about "Shaker's" request
for information, I have decided that I was totally out of line.  

  I apologize for this "grumpy" posting.  Shaker was doing the best he
could with the resources he had.  After several personal E-mail exchanges,
I feel he was honestly soliciting consulting help.

  Once again, I'm sorry.


| Michael Leo            | The Ingres FAQ is at ftp.adc.com, /pub/ingres.  |
| York & Associates, Inc.| Also check out /pub/ingres/utilities/NAIUA for  |
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Mon, 02 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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