Persisting recordset to XML and loading back with some invalid data does not raise error. 
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 Persisting recordset to XML and loading back with some invalid data does not raise error.

Hi There,

We have a framework which uses ADO to retrieve data from an Oracle data
source within MTS objects.  From there, the recordset is persisted to XML
and converted to a inhouse-formatted XML document and sent to the client.
Data manipulation occurs on the client and is sent back to the server-side
MTS object.  This document is converted back to the ADO recordset XML format
and loaded into a Stream.  This stream is fed to a Recordset.Open() method
and then saved back to Oracle.

The problem is that if the client sends back invalid data, no errors occur
when the data is loaded back into the recordset but the recordset does not
save the data either!  The RSXML that is loaded into the stream shows the
invalid data (in the case I noticed it was alphanumeric data in a numeric
field) in the <z:row...> node but when the recordset loads it, it loses all
updated field information.

Is this a known bug with ADO or is this not a bug at all and we're missing

I could probably piece together some sample code to show this problem if
someone is interested.

Thanks for your time

Jeremy Wiebe
Software Developer
Linnet Geomatics

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 05:26:58 GMT
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