Special Issue on Knowledge Base Management 
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 Special Issue on Knowledge Base Management

                        Call for Papers

     Applied Intelligence: The International Journal of
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Complex Problem
                    Solving Technologies

               Special Issue on Knowledge Base

Knowledge  based systems are now routinely used in thousands
of "real world" applications. Most such applications involve
relatively small knowledge bases, containing hundreds rather
than   thousands  of  units  (objects,  rules,  frames,...).
Developing  the next generation of knowledge  based  systems
with  knowledge bases containing hundreds of   thousands  or
even  millions  of units will require first and  foremost  a
technology for building, accessing and managing these  large
knowledge  bases. Such a technology will be founded  on  new
implementation  techniques  that  extend  known   ones   for
knowledge bases and databases and address issues of physical
storage management (how do you minimize disk I/Os during the
evaluation  of a query), query optimization (transforming  a
query to an equivalent, but simpler expression), concurrency
control  (interleaving  the  execution  of  knowledge   base
operations  to  optimize  the use  of  computer  resources),
constraint   enforcement  and  others.   Apart   from   such
traditionally  database-oriented techniques, knowledge  base
management  requires new techniques, specific  to  knowledge
bases   such  as  ones  for  efficient  implementations   of
inference mechanisms (terminological subsumption, deduction,
induction   and   {*filter*}).   Moreover,   knowledge   base
management   demands  new  tools for knowledge  acquisition,
knowledge base validation, verification and maintenance,  as
well  as  new  architectures that accommodate a  multi-user,
distributed operating environment.

This issue of Applied Intelligence is dedicated to the topic
of  knowledge  base management. Topics of interest  to  this
issue   include  efficient  implementation  techniques   and
management tools for knowledge bases, such as the following:

- Novel knowledge               - Specialized   inference
  representation schemes          mechanisms    (e.g., for
- Architectures     for           temporal, spatial
  knowledge  base  management     knowledge)
  systems                       - Constraint enforcement and
- Query languages and query       rule management
  processing                    - Performance evaluation of
- Concurrency control  and        knowledge based systems
  recovery                      - Knowledge   acquisition
- Physical clustering  and        tools
  indexing   techniques   for   - Knowledge base validation,
  knowledge bases                 verification and
- Efficient implementations       maintenance tools
  of inference mechanisms       - Knowledge base
                                  visualization tools

Manuscripts should not exceed 35 typewritten pages including
figures  and  references.  Each submission  must  include  5
copies  of  a  manuscript  with a title, full  addresses  of
authors  and an abstract. Submissions must be postmarked  on
or before January 15, 1993 and must be sent to

       Department of Computer Science
       University of Toronto
       6 King's College Road
       Pratt Building, Rm 290G
       Toronto, Canada
       M5S 1A4

Important Dates

January  15      Due date for 5 copies of each submission
April    15      Notification of acceptance or rejection
June     15      Due date for final drafts of accepted manuscripts
October          Publication date of the special issue

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